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3D effects
3D animated characters
In my short films I often combine real footage with 3D animated characters. More detailed background information is only available on the German page, here, you can at least have a look at the pictures.

Houseplants (Too much care - Zuviel Pflege)

Potatoes (Potato dish - Kartoffelgericht)

Dinosaur (A new theory - Eine neue Theorie)

Schnupfenmännchen (How to treat a cold - Vom Umgang mit Schnupfen)

Victim of Dyschromopie (Dyschromopie)

Mouse cursor (Mousetrap - Mouse-Falle)

Animated character from 'Ten Practices'

White man (Ten practices - Zehn Übungen)

Koala (Ten practices - Zehn Übungen)
Ok, I admit it, this is a real-life Koala - just as a quick reminder that after all the real life is much more beautiful than any 3d-animation.